Kay Schneutzer

Kay comes from Germany and began standard and ballroom dancing at the age of 8. He placed relatively high in international competitions; especially in his favourite category: Slow Waltz. Intent on sharing his joy of dancing; Kay helped establish 2 big dance schools- one in Germany and one in India. Having lived in several countries and danced in many more; he is passion-driven about making dance versatile and accessible to all.

West Coast Swing could be the song of Kay’s life. It offers spice, variety and surprise; just like his Goan wife. Nicola, while not a professional dancer, is a homoeopathic doctor and is madly passionate about West Coast Swing. No prizes for guessing what dance this couple chose for their wedding special. They hope someday that their cocktail son; Zane brings his own brand of crazy to this beautiful form of dance. Learning from Kay is always a multicultural, yoga-inspired, rhythmic and chai-flavoured experience.